Free SC Health & Safety Certificate

The SC Health & Safety Pre-Service Certificate

The SC Health & Safety Pre-Service Certificate is a series of free courses offered through the training company, ProSolutions. All ABC Quality/SC Voucher administrators and teachers are required to complete this course one time within 90 days of employment. The courses are also available for any early care and education professional.

The online courses assist teachers, child care professionals and providers in protecting the health and safety of children in child care settings while enhancing the overall quality of early learning and afterschool programs.

The SC Health & Safety Pre-Service Certificate is divided into a 15-hour bundle of courses and 12-hour continuing education bundle of courses. The 15 hours must be completed before DSS credit hours are awarded. By taking the 15 hour certificate course bundle, teachers will meet the annual training requirement for DSS, including the bloodborne pathogens training requirement. Directors will need to complete an additional 5 hours of Program Administration training to meet the DSS training requirements.

Upon completion of the 15 hour certificate bundle, the additional 12 continuing education bundle of courses will be available. These additional 12 hours of free courses are designed to help teachers and administrators come closer to meeting the SC Child Care Licensing training requirements for 15 hours of annual training

To begin taking these courses, visit You will need to enroll in the SC Health & Safety Pre-Service Certificate. To receive DSS credit hours, you must know your State Registry ID number/Student Number, available in your registry account and on your Learning Record/DSS Official Transcript.

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If you have questions about your student number, please call us at 864-250-8581 or email us at

PLEASE NOTE: The SC Health and Safety Pre-Service Certificate must be completed within 90 days of hire for new employees OR for all employees prior to ABC Quality enrollment. This Certificate does not affect ECE professionals who have already enrolled or completed the 27-hour SC Health and Safety Pre-Service – HS Certificate. If you already completed the previous 27-hour course package, the new package is unavailable for your enrollment.

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