Professional Development Training

SC Department of Social Services (SC DSS) Child Care Licensing requires teachers/administrators to complete annual training hours. SC Endeavors documents the training hours for SC DSS. The training hours are documented on your official Learning Record/DSS Official Transcript which is available to you by creating an account within the SC Endeavors Registry. DSS Licensing staff will be reviewing your Learning Record/DSS Official Transcript to ensure you have completed the annual requirements.

Training hours are documented within the calendar year – January 1 – December 31.

To learn more about your training hour requirements, click on the link below.

You can find training by using our Statewide Calendar. To locate training that will count for DSS credit hours, login to your registry account and use the left-side navigation to search for training. The SC Endeavors registry contains numerous courses and events to meet your needs, including online training, face-to-face training, and conference events.

You may also want to search for a specific trainer to provide an individualized training session at your location. Certified trainers have met high quality standards to provide training in best practices in early childhood education.

Documenting Attendance for DSS Credit

Face-to-Face Training

To document attendance at face-to-face training sessions, you will sign a roster providing your name, Student Number/State Registry ID number, zipcode, and email address. Some events will allow online registration which simplifies the documentation process. The trainer will verify your attendance at the event and add your training credit to the Registry system.

Please note: Trainers are required to submit attendance within 10 days of the training event. If you attended a session, and the training credit has not been applied within this time, please contact the trainer who provided the training session for further clarification.

Online Training

You will register for the online training through the company provided registration link. Online companies that are available within the search feature of the Registry have been validated to provide DSS credit hours within the designated topic area reflected within the course details. Please ensure you are taking a course that reflects the topic areas you need. The online company will be entering your attendance within the registry system. Please ensure that you have provided the online company with your correct Student number/State Registry ID. You can locate this number by logging into your Registry account.

Out of State or Specialized Training

You can submit an individual training request if you have attended a training that was not provided by an approved training organization or approved trainer. Specialized training may include out of state training or National conferences. Examples include:

  • National Child Care Association Conference
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference

You may request credit for the conference as a cumulative whole for one topic area of credit, or by submitting each individual session. Each session must be at least 1.0 hour in length to apply for DSS credit hours.

Specialized training may also include training that is not specifically targeted for early childhood providers but may meet the needs of a particular teacher. This type of training is not meant to avoid pre-registration of an approved training session or event.

Individual Training

Click here to login to your registry account. Then, click on your “Training” tab above your name and click “Edit Training.” You will then click “Individual Request Approval” to begin entering the information.

You will need to be prepared to upload your certificate and training agenda/course details. Registry staff will review all documentation to determine if the training can be documented for DSS credit hours.

Please note: Submitting an individualized training request does not guarantee DSS credit hours will be awarded. Registry staff will verify and validate your attendance if approved.


You may be able to locate webinars that have been registered with the Registry. Search for training and filter by web-based course options.

To learn more about webinar requirements, click on the link below.


College Coursework

You can receive DSS credit hours for academic coursework that pertains to Early Childhood Education. Credit hours will be given if the course meets the following criteria:

  • Courses must be taken from a regionally accredited college/university
  • Content pertains to early childhood education
  • Grade must be a C or higher

If the course meets the criteria, credit will be given within the date/year of completion. Full credit hours will be awarded for ECE courses; therefore, a course that is 1.0 academic credit hours will receive 15 DSS credit hours of training. In addition, a 3.0 academic credit hour will receive 45 DSS credit hours of training. Registry staff will determine the topic areas for all courses.

To apply for college coursework credit hours on your DSS Training Transcript/Learning Record, you will complete/renew your career ladder placement. When your application is in process, registry staff will evaluate your submitted unofficial transcript and award credit.

Click here to learn how to apply for college coursework credit hours.