Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

SC Endeavors maintains the privacy policies of the Department of Social Services. Click here for more information.

The SC Endeavors Registry has policies and procedures in place to meet the needs of the early care and education workforce. They adhere to national standards for registry systems and are congruent with state childcare regulations and federal directives.

Fraudulent Information Policy

The SC Endeavors Registry reserves the right to investigate any suspected fraud. The SC Endeavors Registry staff, at their discretion, may require additional documentation that they believe is pertinent to verify any information provided prior to completing the application process. Those who are found to have given fraudulent information to the registry will be reported to licensing and all pertinent stakeholders. The SC Endeavors Registry reserves the right to inform city and state regulatory agencies of all fraudulent documentation submission.

Documentation Rights

Whenever an application and/or supporting documentation is submitted for processing, the documents become the property of the SC Endeavors Registry. No applications or supporting documentation will be returned to the applicant at any time. Only documentation deemed necessary for the processing of applications and forms, requested specifically by the SC Endeavors Registry, and/or relevant to program operations will be retained. This documentation may include applications, forms, professional résumés, educational documentation, and training certificates and records that meet policy guidelines as stated. Documentation deemed not necessary by requirements listed above will be destroyed and will not be returned to participant once received.

Policy for Edit/Revise/Renewal Training Courses

Click here for Policies and Procedures for Edit/Revise/Renewal.