South Carolina's Child Care Wage Enhancement Program


The Countdown is on! SC BOO$T since its launch in February 2024, has provided over 7,400 child care professionals with income supplements and retention bonuses from the one-time federally funded pilot program. The federal American Rescue Plan Act funds, are coming to an end and to ensure distribution of these federal funds. All new SC BOO$T applications must be submitted by July 15th and the application window will close on July 15th at 11:59pm.

SC BOO$T was created in response to data revealing low wages for the early childhood workforce. We are working to help bridge the gap in the wage discrepancy for the Early Care and Education workforce.

The goal is to help individuals working in direct care organizations with two monetary boosts through out the year; helping to provide stability within programs serving children and families while also retaining qualified staff. 


Eligibility Requirements: (you must meet the requirements below)

    • Must work in a DSS regulated program 
    • Must be employed within the same program for 6 months or more
    • Must be in a direct care position 
    • Must have verified employment within the registry 
    • Must have current career ladder level (click here to learn more) 
    • Must complete the salary / wage information in the registry 
    • Must earn equal to or less than $24 per hour for direct care staff. Directors, owners or family / group providers can earn equal to or less than $30 per hour. 


Eligible Position Titles: 

    • Teacher 
    • Assistant Director 
    • Assistant Teacher 
    • Co-Director 
    • Director 
    • Floater 
    • Non-Teaching Professional Staff
    • Non-Teaching Support Staff
    • Primary Care Provider 
    • Aide 
    • Curriculum Coordinator 
    • Education Coordinator

Substitute, Volunteer, and Interns do not qualify




Payment Amounts Per Career Ladder Level

  • Payment information will be batched to DSS please allow 6 to 8 weeks for payment to be processed.
  • will email you a secure link for you to fill in your SSN and upload your W-9.
  • A check will be mailed directly to you.
  • Additional payments will also be mailed as long as you continue to meet eligibility in 6 months and as long as funds are available.


Career Ladder Level  6 - Month Payment  6 - Month Payment  Annual Amount
Level 1 $1,100 $1,100 $2,200
Level 2 $1,200 $1,200 $2,400
Level 3 $1,300 $1,300 $2,600
Level 4  $1,400 $1,400 $2,800
Level 5 $1,500 $1,500 $3,000
Level 6  $1,600 $1,600 $3,200
Level 7  $1,700 $1,700 $3,400
Level 8 $1,800 $1,800 $3,600
Level 9  $1,900 $1,900 $3,800
Level 10  $2,000 $2,000 $4,000



Supplemental Payments: Infant / Toddler staff and Directors / Assistant Directors are eligible for a supplemental increase for each payment processed. To be eligible for infant / toddler supplement payment, you must be assigned to a classroom serving children 0-3 years of age within the organization profile. Directors / Co-Directors / Assistant Directors must have the assigned position title in the registry. 

Position Type  Additional 6 - Month Payment Additional 6 - Month Payment Annual Additional Amount
Infant / Toddler  $500 $500 $1,000
Director / Assistant Director $300 $300 $600


At a Glance How-To Guides to Help You With Your SC Boost

Follow these how- to guides to complete your SC Boost application and click the links to learn more about how to accomplish each step.


Linked here are the how-to guides that will help you completing your SC Boost application.




What is SC BOO$T? 

Would you like to improve your wages as a child care teacher? Coming in 2024, the South Carolina Department of Social Services, SC Endeavors is launching an exciting one-time opportunity for providers to participate in SC BOO$T, a pilot program that provides bonuses directly to qualified individuals employed in child care facilities in South Carolina. This is a unique chance for child care professionals to receive supplemental wages while doing the job they love using a limited, one-time source of federal money!


How long will this program last?

The State of South Carolina is using federal ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) Supplemental funds for this one-time pilot project as allowed under federal guidelines. Data obtained from this one-time benefit could be used in potential program development and future funding requests to the SC General Assembly.


Who is eligible for the SC Boost payment?

Must work in a DSS regulated program, be employed within the same program for 6 months or more, be in a direct care position, have verified employment within the registry, current career ladder level, updated wage information within the registry, and earn equal to or less than $24 per hour for direct care staff with Directors/ owners or family/ group providers can earn equal to or less than $30 per hour.

Who is eligible for the supplemental payment?

Infant/ Toddler staff and Directors/ Assistant Directors are eligible for an additional supplemental payment. Providers must be assigned to infant/ toddler classrooms serving 0 – 3-year old’s within the organizational profile.  Directors, Co-Directors, and Assistant Directors must also be assigned to their position title within the registry.


Do I have to pay taxes on the supplement I receive?

The salary supplement is income.  Recipients are responsible for reporting and paying any personal income taxes due.

Are family child care programs eligible?

Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements, all regulated programs and eligible employees can participate.


How much will I receive?

Bonus payments are based on the level of education as designated by the career ladder level you have achieved. Bonuses are issued at 6-month intervals, after a participant completes a 6-month commitment period in the same child care program. Additional supplemental payments are added for individuals who work in an infant/toddler classroom and for directors/assistant directors.


How are payments received?

Payments will be mailed via check with the benefit amounts. If you qualify for the next 6 month payment, a second check with the additional funds will automatically be mailed. While the application is now open, the payment process is being configured and more information will be provided closer to the date of the mailing of the checks.


How can I increase the level of the supplement I receive?

Participants in the SC BOO$T program may increase their supplement amounts by gaining more education. The T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Program offers scholarships to child care professionals who want to earn course credits toward specific early childhood credentials or degrees.


Will I receive a supplement if I move to another child care program?

Payments are issued to participants after each six-month period in the same child care program. If a participant moves to another regulated child care program within the six months, then the commitment period must be reset based on reapplication and the employment date at the new site. This policy is designed to encourage more stability for the children in care.


If I work in a child care center, what is the center's responsibility?

A child care program must provide verification of an applicant’s employment status by verifying the information within the SC Endeavors registry.  The program is not responsible for providing the salary supplement should funding no longer be available.


I am the co-director as well as the infant/toddler teacher for our facility. Can I receive supplemental bonuses for both?

The supplemental bonuses are NOT stackable. The supplement is based on your position title. If you have the Director/Assistant Director/Co-Director title, you will receive the supplemental bonus for Directors. If you have a Teacher position title AND assigned to a 0-3 classroom in your program’s organization profile, you will receive the supplemental bonus for infant/toddler teachers.


I work in multiple facilities. Can I receive the bonus for each facility?

The primary employer employee record must meet the eligibility criteria. We are unable to provide a bonus for you at each facility.